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Fire Bible

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Believers the world over are “on fire” to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ; they want to tap into the Holy Spirit as the source of divine power for advancing the work of the church and fulfilling their personal lives.

Fire Bible is just what you need to be guided toward the Christ-centered, Spirit-led life for which your soul thirsts. Its notes and commentary are authoritative and trustworthy, yet written in language that any reader can easily understand.

Originally conceived as a tool to help Pentecostal pastors and lay leaders preach, teach, and reach others with the gospel, this study Bible is now available in the English Standard Version. It includes extensive notes, background articles on key issues, and authoritative commentary, along with dozens of other unique features.

Learn how the spiritual empowerment that was bestowed upon the faithful at Pentecost is available today, as God’s gift to modern followers of Jesus. This unparalleled Scripture study resource will greatly benefit anyone interested in living the Christian life to the fullest.

  • Themefinders track 12 important topics through the Scriptures
  • Color maps section
  • More than 70 articles explaining historical and theological aspects of major topics
  • Study notes for key verses
  • Book introductions, including space for taking notes
  • Color Maps section
  • Side column references
  • ESV Concordance and Subject index
  • One-year reading plan