Surrendered to The Holy Spirit - Haley Braun

Surrendered to The Holy Spirit - Haley Braun

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Do you long to know Jesus intimately and walk in His ways? Do you desire a biblical encounter and life-changing outpouring of His power?

Everything about you is designed for a vibrant and dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit.

For too long the Holy Spirit has been regarded as only a doctrine and theory, knowing His “form” but lacking true connection to His nature, character, power, and personhood. But that changed for Hayley Braun when a radical encounter with the raw presence and power of the Spirit left her completely undone—and ushered in a holy passion for her to help spiritually hungry believers experience the same.

Surrendered to the Holy Spirit, prophetic minister and Bethel School leader Hayley Braun imparts a deeper revelation of what it means to live a life wholly connected to the Holy Spirit: the greatest power in the world.

Venture deeper into the Lord’s heart as Hayley helps you discover how to:
  • Experience a biblical, Spirit-filled life.
  • Carry the atmosphere of Heaven wherever you go.
  • Intimately know the Holy Spirit closer than any natural friend imaginable.
  • Operate in prophetic discernment, signs, wonders, and demonstrations of God’s power as we yield to the Spirit of God.

Don’t settle for lifeless facts when you could have a life-changing friendship with the Living God. Saturate yourself in His presence—and begin to experience God more real, more near, and more powerful than ever before.