The Power of Forgiveness - Harold Vaughn

The Power of Forgiveness - Harold Vaughn

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Glorious Freedom Comes with Real Forgiveness

It is impossible to go through this life without being wounded or wronged. But how do you move on when someone has hurt you deeply? How do you escape the prison of unforgiveness?

The Power of Forgiveness, author Harold Vaughan unpacks the dynamics of forgiveness, revealing practical strategies for overcoming offense and the wonderful qualities we cultivate when we choose to bless those who hurt us.

The Power of Forgiveness will teach you:
  • What forgiveness is and what it is not.
  • How to change your thoughts and emotions when you’ve been hurt.
  • The relationship between justice and forgiveness.
  • Practical steps for dealing with bitterness in your own heart.
  • How to cleanse your conscience and ask for forgiveness.
  • How pride and forgiveness are related.
  • Workable guidelines for reconciliation.

Don’t spend another day in bondage to offense or bitterness. Today is the day to embrace the glorious freedom that comes with real forgiveness!